Writing Ease?

School started again and I am once again daydreaming about publication. It happens every semester. I read about so-and-so, who dropped out of college to write such-and-such famous literary masterpiece, and I wonder if–possibly–it would be smart for me to follow in their footsteps.

I mean, I like learning, but midterms aren’t exactly my cup of tea. There’s the procrastinating, and the studying, and the tests. Did I mention the studying? Did you know that studying is the combination of STUDENT + DYING?

It is not a pretty sight!

On a more serious note…I’ve reached the 16% mark on my novel. That’s right. I’ve been working on my novel for the entire summer, and I have only written about 11,000 words. Nothing has ever been this hard to write before.

Usually, the first 10,000 or so words come easy. Not so with this WIP. I got the first chapter or two written, and then BAM! Right out of the blue, my muse waved and said it was going on vacation to Greece. “See you soon,” it said, “or possibly in about fifty years when you need a cane and have false teeth. It depends on how I like the Mediterranean.”

Right now, I’m hoping it got singed in the wildfires. That would teach it…

So, just out of pure curiosity…am I alone with this trial? How long does it usually take y’all to crank out a first draft? The first 10,000 words?


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