Visualizing Success (if Only to Keep my Teetering Sanity from Plunging into Utter Madness)

You know those sorta hokey vision board thingies (no offense, readers, I’m just rather cynical), those weird kindergarten murals of wealth and happiness that have been an off and on fad for a few years (at least)? That’s what this post is standing in for. Mostly because I’m not so desperate that I’m going to physically cut and past magazine pictures onto an actual board. That’s some painstaking work, and I’d rather continue with my post-semester decompression via a nigh-constant stream of television shows, genre novels, and movies that I’m trying to catch up on. Also, my dreams are harder to represent with random magazine clippings than one might expect. I think I’d need to send out for several dozen university pamphlets (which many don’t sent anymore in an effort to be greener).
Here’s a collection of positive thoughts/images to try to help me stay cautiously optimistic rather than soul-crushingly cynical. For anyone else playing the admissions/applications waiting game, these are for you, too.
Because the book life is the good life.

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