Wow! The time has flown since my last post. That last paper for school really loaded me down.

As of now, I am in the process of becoming a summertime bohemian. That is, I am trying really hard to do nothing except play my guitar and write books–and other such non-“productive” tasks. In fact, I’m succeeding for the most part. Except, you know, when I have to go to work…

Anyway, I have a couple of topics I want to address today: one is my current writing project, and the other–perhaps more interesting–is BLUEGRASS MUSIC.

As of last month, the HISTORICAL FICTION project I had been working on for a few years (off and on) has been retired. I made this decision for a few very good reasons.

First, I’ve been working on the project off and on for a period of over five years.

Second, said project was my first book ever. I learned alot, but the book itself was not strong enough to be of any use.

Third, as I mentioned under second, I learned alot–while writing. Like, how the plot I had concocted did not contain enough relevant conflict to carry an entire novel.

Fourth, I submitted the beginning of the manuscript into a competition where several editors and published authors served as judges. They confirmed my thoughts on the manuscript. Case closed.

However…I did begin plotting my next novel during my last school semester. Although I have an interest in Historical Fiction, I’ve been reading Mysteries since I was old enough to read.

So, I am now writing a mystery. (You know, this plain type font can’t convey my excitement about this. Hold on….just a sec…)

I’m Writing a MYSTERY!!!

Ehem…more to come on that soon.

In the meantime, I’d like to announce the completion of THE FOLEY BLUEGRASS BAND’s latest CD:


Click on over and check it out…I highly recommend it!

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