Well, I almost missed my self imposed weekly due date, yet again. But, I didn’t. Aren’t you proud? In lieu of a regular post–because I’m tired and I’ve been reading depressing novels all day for my classes–I’m going to post something a little bit out of the ordinary for this blog: poetry. Why, you ask? Because I’ve been corrupted by the awesomeness that is magnetic poetry. Go ahead, Google it. I dare you.

Who never wanted,–maddest joy
Remains to him unknown;
The banquet of abstemiousness
Surpasses that of wine.

Within its hope, though yet ungrasped
Desire’s perfect goal,
No nearer, lest reality
Should disenthrall thy soul.

–Emily Dickinson

The words transfix themselves,
Mere shadows of eternity,
To one more neat-pressed page–
express uncertainty.
Perhaps the path is right,
Perhaps I’ve lost my way,
And so the writer seeks for light
Amidst the brilliancy of day

–Courtney Foley

Pain follows, surely, surely
I can feel her kinship grow

I’ve cast away love, run from mercy
and only pain will follow now

Perhaps she serves a greater master
Perhaps true love has sent her here

Pain follows, that’s all I know now
and either way the end is near.

–Courtney Foley

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