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As an ABNA Quarter-Finalist, I won a Publishers Weekly review of my manuscript, They Called Her La Llorona:

This unique mystery features a father/daughter team determined to prove the innocence of a prime suspect in a horrible murder. Jesse Giles Clacher is technically retired as a New Mexico Marshal, estranged from his daughter Colette, thanks to his second marriage to Sadie. When a woman collapses into the restaurant where Clacher’s retirement dinner is being held (reminding them of the La Llorona legend), and her two little girls are found dead in the river and she is accused of the murder, Clacher can’t let it go, or let his successor railroad the woman. He calls his daughter, an expert on the La Llorona myths, and convinces her to come “home” to help him on the case. She is intrigued enough to agree. Although it starts as a way to avoid dealing with her boyfriend’s proposal, it quickly becomes a commitment to proving the woman’s innocence. However, there is a great deal going on behind the scenes in a story that is original and intriguing.

 Some of my Amazon Customer reviews were positive, too (although they made some interesting spelling choices):

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5.0 out of 5 stars Flawed (in a Good Way) Main Character April 23, 2014
By Laura
Verified Purchase
I can’t say I initially loved the main character in this excerpt (my sympathies lied more with the wives he was so intent on avoiding), but I did love the strength of his voice and his depth. In just a few short chapters, I felt l had real understanding of who this man was–the good and the bad. I can picture him leading an investigation and can see elements in his character that would both help and hinder him in that role. I also enjoyed the humor–I laughed out loud at the irony at the end of the excerpt.
 5.0 out of 5 stars Quick to Intice May 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
Right from the start of the book Floyd captures the audience with character development and narative. This smooth read is full of intrigue and humor that has drawn me in to this little New Mexico village and the lives of some of its colorful people. I will now anxiously await the rest of the story to unfold before me in print. Hope to see it available on Amazon real soon.
 5.0 out of 5 stars Satisfyingly Suspenseful and Sarcastic April 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
Floyd impresses with a colorful cast of characters right off the bat and the dusty world of Jesse Clatcher comes to life with just enough description to see the desert village in all it’s dry glory without slowing the narrative a bit.
I was hooked from page one and stayed that way till the excerpt ended. I desperately want to read the rest because I just know that Clatcher’s bad day is about to get worse in the best way possible.
Kudos to the author. I look forward to more from Courtney Floyd.

Here’s a brief description of what they were reviewing:

Jesse Clacher thought he’d seen everything his small, New Mexico village could toss his way. After fifteen years serving as the village Marshal, he’s finally resigned—fed up with the endless politics and monotony. Then, she shows up. Her tattered dress is covered in fresh blood. Her skin is a maze of cuts and scrapes. She’s barefoot, and her hysterical wailing about some children and a river completely disrupts Clacher’s retirement party—much to his relief. When two small bodies are discovered on a nearby riverbank not long afterward, Clacher sets out on what might be the last — and biggest — case of his career. He’s convinced that someone has framed this woman, set her up to look like the Southwest’s most infamous prolicidal ghost: La Llorona. Only trouble is, he’s got no idea why the real killer would go to all that trouble, all of the evidence points to the woman, and he’s got no way to prove his hunch. He needs the help of an expert in Southwestern folklore, an expert who just happens to be his estranged daughter, if he wants to keep the woman out of prison and put the real killer behind bars. But what else is he gonna do with his time, fish?

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