My Name is Courtney and I am a…

Welcome to my new weekly Bookaholics Anonymous session. My name is Courtney. You get the drift…

It all started when I learned how to read. I was officially dubbed “bookworm” at the age of seven. It’s only gotten worse since…especially considering two facts. One, I can now afford to buy books. Two, I am an English major and as such have a mandate to buy books. Sigh.

Lately the bookshelves in my room are overcrowded and slightly messy. I reorganize them and then end up buying more books. It seems to be a self-sabotaging impulse.

I know my attempts at blogging multiple times a week have been dismal in the past, but I am now attempting to establish a weekly random Bookaholics Anonymous post. We’ll see how it goes.

So, to get this ball rolling, tell me: what is your favorite “classic” (aka pre 20th century) novel and why?

I’ll start it off. My favorite classic novel is Donal Grant by George MacDonald. It is somewhat slow and rambly, like many classics, but it has a Gothic storyline and a Victorian aura that work well together. There are many other classics that I love, such as The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins and A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, but I think Donal Grant gets the grand prize this time.

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