Here's to Muse

As readers of this blog may know, my ever-faithful muse packed up and left me at the beginning of my latest project. Not that it matters. I can write without my muse. Really. Don’t look at me like that! I’m not lying.

So, while my Muse is on what I am beginning to suspect is a permanent hiatus to Greece (read, while the semester continues and I must devote my precious writing time to the slave-driver called Renaissance Drama), I’ve decided to feature the thoughts of a few prominent authors on the subject. Enjoy!

1) A very practical view on muse, if I do say so…

“Health is the first muse, and sleep is the condition to produce it.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson.

2) He didn’t think his regular muse was good enough. Sounds familiar.

“O! For a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention!”–Shakespeare

3) I think his muse must be related to mine…

“I would especially like to recourt the Muse of poetry, who ran off with the mailman four years ago, and drops me only a scribbled postcard from time to time.” —
John Updike

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