Crippling Anxiety? I've Got You Covered

Who just finished submitting another PhD application? I just finished submitting another PhD application. Can you tell? Did the title give me away? I REALLY REALLY REALLY want an acceptance from this school (all of the schools, if I’m completely honest) and clicking “submit” sent me into a spiral of anxiety and self-doubt.
It’s becoming a regular thing. Sigh. Only four more applications, then I can go back to being semi-normal for a couple of months.
Anyway, I also happen to have a bit of a hangover today, which means the standard treatment for crippling anxiety did not apply, because the very thought of it made me queasy. So I turned to something almost as efficient: a little show called Too Cute Kittens. 
Annnnnd…that is all I have to ramble about tonight. I hope you all survived whatever Black Friday activities you chose to participate in. I’m going to go sleep for twelve hours.

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