So, it’s July…

and, as usual, I’ve got my finger in ALL OF THE PIES. I like pie. *shrug*

Stop looking at me like that. Pie is the king of desserts.

Anyway, I’ve got a bunch of really cool, brilliant, intriquing, blog-post-worthy schtuff going on. I’m writing a TV pilot with a friend, scheming about a couple of book projects and debating which one to start on, and plotting a few macabre-crafty things (which, come to think of it, I have posted about on here). Among other things.

Problem is, I’ve been so busy working/packing/house hunting for the PhD school move that I haven’t really had time to catch my breath, let alone fascinate you with mostly-true tales of my derring do.

Hang tight, dear readers. July is almost over and soon I will be regaling you with my Oregon adventures, new writing projects, and grad school experiences.

My Blog Motto.

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