Clarissa (A Mr. Lovelace Special Feature)

I am in the midst of the Olympian feat that is reading Clarissa. I know the ending, but if sheer willpower could change it to something more along the lines of a Jane Austen tale, I’d have changed it by now.

While reading this leviathan of a novel, I’ve amused myself by pondering what the characters would look like and/or what they’d listen to, watch, read, etc., if they were characters in modern pop culture. So far, Mr. Lovelace is the most vivid. Until I’ve finished reading and have something more serious to say, I’ll share my musings here–starting with Mr. Lovelace.

His graceful appearance:

Damon Salvatore is actually a lot like Mr. Lovelace when it comes to characterization…

His favorite songs: “Blurred Lines,” “Love the Way You Lie,” “Bad Romance,” and “Tip Drill,” probably. Maybe also “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Just the Way You Are.” (Terrible songs, so I won’t be linking them).

He’s probably SO into Game of ThronesThe Vampire Diaries, and She’s All That in public, while secretly being obsessed with American Psycho and Boxing Helena.

Actually, he’s just the 1748 version of the male protagonist from Boxing Helena:

Please tell me Clary gets to keep her arms!

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