How I Read Voraciously and Still Get Stuff Done: Or why novellas and YA and YA novellas are a must-know #adulting life hack

Surprise, kittens! (It’s the internet, I assume you’re all kittens who’ve evolved opposable thumbs or at least figured out how to force your humans to scroll for you.) Two posts in one day!

In my last post, I explained why reading and writing voraciously–even though I should be too busy completing my Ph.D–is one of my best modes of self-care.

And even though that post is completely true, I have to admit something:

whispers I can’t add time to the day to make sure I get to everything that HAS to be done AND do self-care. I just can’t. I’M NOT MAGICAL, YOU KNOW, EVEN THOUGH I DO CREATE WORLDS IN WHICH MAGIC EXISTS.

So, uh, how do I take care of my physical and mental needs while still teaching and writing a dissertation and creating a podcast (did I mention my podcast yet?! It’s AHMAZING. Clink the link. Do it! Do it!) and training my puppy, and cooking and doing laundry and dishes every once in a while, and biking to school, and spending time with The Mister (ugh, I’m never calling him that again.), and, you know, #adulting?

Guys, GUYS, don’t hyperventilate. I lead a busy life–you do, too probably. Unless you’re kittens with opposable thumbs and then you probably just nap all day and have also probably already stopped reading this. I KIND OF LIKE YOU, even if you are kittens with thumbs, so I will share my secrets.

Lean in close, now: I READ LOTS OF SHORT THINGS. Lots and lots of short things.

Novellas, for instance. Because we’re currently living in the golden age of novellas:

I also read a lot of YA, which is also short and also AMAZING:

And while reading these has been really convenient considering the amount of time I can reasonably spend reading in a day or week, I just want to be absolutely clear on something: THEY AREN’T ‘LESSER’ IN ANY WAY JUST BECAUSE THEY TAKE LESS TIME TO READ THAN A 400-800 PAGE VICTORIAN NOVEL. The ones listed above have actually turned out to be some of my favorite books. Like, EVER. I have a tattoo inspired by Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway for goodness’ sake!

So now you know my secret. Do with it what you will. And let me know in the comments if you’ve read any must-read YA or novellas lately!


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