The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (It’s Autumn guys, Winter can just deal)

A couple of weeks ago, despite the fact that my oral exam was just a few days away, I felt inspired enough to write a poem. This poem:

My New Mexico Soul
Raised in a drought of color
Of the musky scents of growing things
Drinks in these crimson trees
Dancing in the dappled sun
Scattering confetti leaves
Like the very sight is a secret sin.

I learned very early
To paint in a palette of dust and stone
Using tumbleweed yellows and
Caliche greys, shading with the color
Of angry thunder clouds, near-black on the horizon.
I learned to see the beauty in the infinite shades
Of bone and clay, of obsidian and sand.

So this verdant landscape, a riot of greens,
Of gold and red and passionate plum,
Frightens as it entices, a siren song
Of sensory delights, meant for woodland things.
Will I lose myself, my chalk-dry desert bones
In a forest dripping, rife with untold splendors
My starving soul glutted on too-rich fare?

What inspired me to this rhapsody? THIS:

 IMG_1453-1 IMG_1454-1

Biking through slow-motion blizzards of leaves. ALL THE COLORS. Clear blue skies and bright, warm sunshine. This is autumn splendor. And, while I miss the smell of roasting green chiles that accompanied fall in New Mexico, this resplendent show makes me feel a bit less sensorily impoverished by the loss.

Excuse the shaky videography:

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