Planners, Agendas, and Calendars, or Things a Perfectionist Is Never Quite Satisfied With…

It’s almost January again and that means I’ve spent an obscene amount of time looking for a weekly planner with which to organize my own insanity. But as usual, nothing quite suits me. I don’t want fancy stenciling or 30 minute increments, I don’t want tiny boxes with tinier weekend boxes (I’m a grad student. There are no such things as weekends for me, not really). So, I finally broke down and made my own template. The grey area allows me space to write down my class/teaching schedule, while the check boxes allow me to focus on the projects (or smaller pieces of projects), I need to prioritize for each day. The only thing really missing is a month view, but that’s okay because actual month calendars are easy to come by and nowhere near as frustrating.

Best part about this whole project? It didn’t cost me $30+ and it’s pretty much exactly what I need.

planner example

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