Limbo and Lists

Right now, I’m between jobs (until the summer semester starts, anyway) and between phases of my life. I’m in this weird transitional state that has me feeling like a very liminal being, because even though I once again have a long term goal to work toward (woohoo PhD), I can’t actually start working toward it until August/September.

It’s frustrating.

I find myself making lists just to cope. To-do lists, of course, but also to-visit lists and to-save-up-for lists, to-donate lists and to-throw-out lists, to-keep and to-store lists.

So, with PhD school fast approaching, what’s on this word  nerd’s mind?

  1. Deciding which books to take and which to leave. I’ve got 560+ books, and unfortunately, I can’t justify hauling them all cross-country right now.
  2. Apartments.
  3. The summer Intro to Composition class I’m teaching at a local community college.
  4. Revising and resubmitting a paper.
  5. Finishing the short story I’m writing.
  6. My novel, which is currently a quarter-finalist in a contest I will refrain from naming.
  7. Getting a haircut.
  8. Buying a hedgehog and naming him Bunbury.
  9. Dressing Bunbury in a tophat and taking pictures of him. In Steampunk/Neo-Victorian settings.
  10. Saving up for one of these beauties:                                                                                           
  11. Pie (I am always thinking about pie, as is my sister, who blogs about it at #shamelessplug)
  12. The deliciousness of piñon coffee (and whether or not I’ll be able to obtain it in Oregon).
  13. Ditto, except for greenchile.
  14. Packing.
  15. OREGON.


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