Editing (and cool things I found on the interwebz)

I am currently gutting and remodeling my novel, hopefully with glorious end results. It’s brutal and making me doubt myself in ways even PhD applications could not (such is the life of the writer), but it’s also helping me relax, because THIS IS WHAT I DO DAMMIT! Writing is therapy.

So, while I’m knee-deep in ink and plot twists, I thought I’d mollify all of you with some interesting links about writing, self-publishing, quality, and the bookish world in general. Enjoy. Or don’t. It’s totally up to you: 

bookbookgoose is a website that randomly generates books, if you happen to be having trouble discovering new reading material or just want to read something completely random and outside of your typical reading sphere.

Ever since I discovered terribleminds, blog of author-publisher Chuck Wendig, I’ve been enthralled. Although the language is often NSFW, if you care, the blog is full of random nuggets of wisdom. And cheese. Fine, maybe not that last part. 

This tumblr, ingloriusbassets, because bassets. 


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