*Hyperventilates* My Reading Habits

My dear friends, there was once a time when I read eleventy-one books a year. Now, I don’t read half as many as I would like, and I don’t give many of them half as much of the time and consideration they deserve.

Can you tell I just watched The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug? Because I did. And I loved every minute of it.

Anyway. My reading habits have always been a matter of speculation for me, in that I’m never quite sure how many books I read a year and/or how many I read a year before I embarked on the journey that is higher education. I have this weird inability to be disciplined when I’m the only one who thinks something should happen. But I estimate that, prior to 2008, I was reading 100+ books a year. This year, I’ve read 43. Granted, if I’d taken classes this semester, I would have read more out of sheer necessity. But still. 43? *sniffle*

I have half a month to make it to the 50 that I so haphazardly scoffed at as a smallish amount to read in one year. What’s become of me? WHAT’S BECOME OF ME?!? *chokes and shakes nearest person in desperate attempt to understand*

Now, I do have to remember that I am still recovering from the reading marathon that was Comps (last summer alone, I read 70 different texts. Most of them novels and/or book length nonfiction). I know I still have it in me to read 100+ books in a year, because last year I did. Duh.

Everyone needs a break once in a while, right? I’m still fairly sure I’ll make it to 50 (crosses fingers). And I’ll make it a goal to surpass that next year.

It’s amazing the things one learns when one keeps track of one’s habits. 😉

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