Moments of Content (Waiting)

It’s easy, when one is on the cusp of something new and exciting, to become obsessed with that new something. It’s not only easy, it’s natural. And, despite frequent platitudes of the “be in the moment” and “be where you are,” I think that there’s something to be said for looking to the future, the next season of one’s life, and being very ready for it.

Still, when one is stuck on the cusp of that newness, one has very little choice but to wait, patiently or not, for said new season to arrive. And, I think, this situation is one of the pivotal times when one’s ability to be content is vital to sanity (by the way, I’m pretending to be A.A. Milne’s narrator from the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh right now, so all of my perhaps patronizing “one’s” and pedantry should be taken in that context).

The concept of being content is one of those concepts that falls under ridiculous amounts of scrutiny as an excuse to be lazy, to stay fixed, to avoid growth. And it can be that, but I don’t think a sense of contentedness has to preclude drive and purpose and ambition.

Case in point: me, right now. This week, I’m enjoying the chance to sleep in, the winter weather, and the coming holidays.


My Grandma made this tree. 🙂


New Mexico Winter Sky

I recently discovered this song, which sort of encapsulates this whole waiting mind game:

But, also this:


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