Updates on the Word War, and…Check this Out!

My friend A.L. Brown and I just finished week three of our word war (which she won, by the way, because I spent my writing time today working on a brand new blog project–but I’m getting ahead of myself).

Here are my thoughts so far: the word war has helped salvage an otherwise barren period of my writing year. It is hard to write during the holidays, as agent Rachelle Gardner notes in this post, and I don’t think I would have written 8,000 shiny new words if it hadn’t been for this little duel between writing buddies. I know, 8,000 is a pretty small number. But holiday writing time is pretty sparse, and when you’re a writer who is trying to finish a Master’s degree, take classes, and still have a bit of time with the family/friends/husband, you take anything you can get as far as word count goes.

That said, I aim to beat some writer butt in next week’s word war. You can follow my progress via my Twitter account–just search for @Cannfloyd.


I started a book blog.

A book blog that is actually my personal reading journal, in which I will chronicle ALL of the books I read this year and provide information like reading times and my impressions. I’m pretty sure I can read 150 books this year, easy. So call that my unofficial goal. I’ve also asked some pretty amazing people to join me as guest bloggers to help broaden the material on the blog, and also to help construct a section of the blog that is intended to help English grad students prep for dreaded Comprehensive Exams and/or GRE lit sections.

Check it out here: Read, Scribble, Revise

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