I need some SPACE!

I learned a lot this past month about writing. Specifically, rewriting–rewriting the past.
I’ve been writing fiction for nearly seven years, and I’d like to think I’ve made headway in that time. But, if my writing doesn’t mean anything or change anything, what is the point?

So, after reading Object Lessons by Irish poet, Eavan Boland, I’ve decided to follow her example and start revising, re-appropriating within my own work. After all, my mystery is set in New Mexico and bolstered with Mexican and New Mexican folklore. Where is my place in that lore? Well, that’s what I’m working to discover–my place and the places of others like me. People alive and struggling for space right NOW.

Interestingly, a character I thought was minor for months has suddenly taken on a role as story-teller inside my novel. She’s renovating in ways I never saw coming, and it’s a good, good thing.

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