How do you keep going when the inspiration leaves?

The above question is very important because, let’s face it, you’re not much of a writer if you just quit every time muse takes off running. All that would do is create piles of unfinished stories–fabulous beginnings, well intentioned middles. Nothings. Failures. All of those poor little guys would need psychiatric treatment.

A great way to motivate is finding dedicated readers for your story. People who will read and give you feedback at early, middle, and semi-complete stages.

I assume another great way to motivate is to contract a publishing deadline. Sign the contract. Get an agent to represent it. I, however, am not at that stage yet, so we’ll move on…

I get very motivated when I look at new books. Books I could have written. Books I could have published. Debuting authors motivate me very very well–I find my mixture of momentary jealousy and subsequent confidence extremely inspiring.

P.S. : this post is a stand in for tomorrow’s scheduled post because I will be celebrating my freedom 🙂

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