Oops, and other ramblings.

So, I missed a day–but it was an honest mistake! I was being held for ransom by a mob of crazed banjo players. Seriously. I’m not kidding. It was torture.

Well, actually, I was performing at a bluegrass festival with a mob of crazed banjo players (and bass players, fellow guitar players fiddle players, mandolin players, etc).

However, I have been hard at work over the past couple of days studying mystery writing techniques and market niches. What have I discovered? I have a brilliant idea for a short mystery story that I may write and submit to Ellery Queen or Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. Sorry, I can’t go into detail here, it’s classified.

I also realized that, despite the fact that my plot and story are not entirely original, my mystery cannot be classified in a single mystery subgenre. It’s almost a hybrid–a mix between a P.I. and Amateur mystery with just a hint of cozy. We’ll see how it goes…

Here are some links I’ve found helpful in my recent research extravaganza:



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