Yes, cough cough, it is that time of the year again…

If you will kindly note the date of my last post (August 23rd), you may correlate that date to the beginning of the school year. This is no coincidence.

Consider the last two sentences my excuse–or lack thereof–for my serious blog neglect. Thankfully, I have at least got some writing progress to show for it: I have reached the 20% mark on my mystery novel, I have conducted lots of research (I have read several genre books), and, I have written a short story featuring Sherlock Holmes and time travel which is pending publication in my campus literary journal the El Portal.

However, I have nothing whatsoever clever or enlightening to blog about today. Therefore, you should consider this your warning, or notification, that I will be attempting to post once more on a regular basis–be it “mundane” posts on the intricacies of Renaissance Drama, or relevant posts about mystery and writing in general.

Remember, I warned you…

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