Editing is really important. So important, really, that writing has been said to be editing. Well, actually it has been said to be rewriting, but you get the point.

Don’t you? Let me explain myself, by all means. Reading a published book with typos is often maddening enough to cause spikes in blood pressure. It’s ANNOYING. And that is for a published book, with one or two typos. An unpolished manuscript is bound to have many times one or two typos. You don’t want to annoy agents or editors, you want them on your side. You want them to love your work. You want them to send you chocolate. Well, maybe not chocolate…

But I digress. Editing is important. Important.

Despite what you may have heard, the real reason so many authors submit unpolished query letters and manuscripts is a couple of natural phenomena known as plagues of locusts and midterms.

That is my story. I’m not procrastinating. I really would be editing my book right now if it wasn’t for those darn locusts. I mean, they ate the whole thing!

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