IMG_7892Courtney Floyd grew up in New Mexico, where she learned to write in between tarantula turf wars and apocalyptic dust storms. She collects books, bones, and beetles – in no particular order of importance – and uses them in elaborate rituals to invoke her muses. Having escaped the desert, Courtney now lives in Oregon with her husband, her hellhound, and a chatty black cat who is definitely not plotting anything. Her work has appeared in Fireside Fiction Magazine and Tales of the Talisman. 

When she’s not writing, Courtney’s frantically working on her Ph.D in nineteenth-century British literature or grading papers. Lots and lots of papers.

She’s also the creator and producer of Victorian Scribblers podcast, a biography/history/literature podcast about the lives and work of lesser-known Victorian writers, which you can learn more about here.

You can follow her erratic, cryptic, and sometimes arcane musings here and keep up with her more frequent but no less cryptic and arcane musings on Twitter (@cannfloyd)

Links to recently published work:
“A Post-Modern Oracle.” Fireside Fiction Magazine (2018).
“H&D Plumbing.” Fireside Fiction Magazine (2017).