About the Author


Courtney Floyd spent the first twenty-four years of her life living on the borders of the underworld. She learned to write in between tarantula turf wars, apocalyptic dust storms, and a thirteen year drought in which even the river Lethe went dry. She collects books, bones, and beetles–in no particular order of importance–and uses them in elaborate rituals to invoke her muses. Having escaped the underworld’s borderlands, Courtney currently lives in Oregon with her husband, her hellhound, and an ancient cat whose skeleton she plans to articulate when it passes on to that great big paper bag in the sky.

You can follow her erratic, cryptic, and sometimes arcane musings on her blog (www.synonymsandsuch.com) or on Twitter (@cannfloyd).

Links to published work:

“The Sphinx and the Signet.”¬†Tales of the Talisman¬†10.4 (2015).

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